Dance Choreography for Global Weddings

The bride is in India. The groom’s from Cali.

The wedding is in Colorado.

Both their families are scattered everywhere.

The bride’s besties are in London & Singapore.

The groom’s boys live in Russia & Australia.

They’re all coming to the wedding, and you’re wondering how you’ll ever get them together for the dance practices! That’s where WedDesiDance steps in! You want the cousins’ dance — we’ve got you covered. The bride’s best girl friend’s dance — done! The groom’s family’s story-telling skit dance — sure! WedDesiDance allows everyone to dance together, from wherever. On their time. At their place. At their convenience.

A Step In Your Shoes

Practice Individually, Perform Together Spectacularly

WedDesiDance is the only truly global dance choreography company that concentrates solely on weddings where the friends and families are scattered across the globe. With the unique mixture of technology and creativity, WDD is able to attend to all the dance needs of the wedding party — regardless of where they’re from.

Planning the perfect wedding is stressful for all involved — especially for the bride and groom. Not knowing how the performances at your wedding will turn out simply adds to the stress. We’re here to mitigate the risk of having your audience be bored and the performances be disorganized. With the use of meticulous planning, creativity, and technology, we allow each one of your dancers to learn and practice carefully thought-out dance choreography on their own. This removes all possible barriers to the dancing – they don’t have to be shy anymore, they have no time issue, and no problems with the commute.

WDD aims to step in your shoes and truly understand the hurdles, so we can remove them. The end goal is to make it so everyone that you want dancing on your special day is able and ready to dance the night away!

Perfect Dances By Your Loved Ones

Without Worrying About Practice Times and Locations


You give us a few details, like the number of dancers and performers, and we handle the rest. We’ll contact all your dancers and choreograph a dance suited to their ability and level of commitment.


We’ve been dancing and choreographing for 20+ years. You’re in good hands. We’re passionate about dance, but even more passionate about getting other people to dance.


We mix everything in-house, making this a ‘one-stop-shop’ for you. You can choose a song or a couple of songs, and we can get you the track you’ve been dreaming of.


You want something as unique as you. We get that. We’ll help you with ideation and execution. Lip dubs, flash-mobs, whatever you want. We’ll make it happen.

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Happy Feet!

Don’t Take Our Word For It! Take Theirs!

We were getting married in India and wanted all our friends to participate in the Sangeet. The logistics were insane because everyone was sprawled all over the world. The choreographer we hired created a video of herself performing and sent it across. Many of our friends backed out quickly because of how daunting the video was– the moves looked complicated, it was too fast and difficult to learn from. Mridul quickly came to the rescue, she took initiative and redid the choreography, keeping in mind that our friends were not natural dancers. With the easy-to-follow instructions she provided, fun and enjoyable performances transpired at our Sangeet.

If it was not for her creative approach, our friends from Boston, Philadelphia, Canada, Nepal and Europe would have never come together on stage, that too with completely synchronized moves! Her amazing skills as a dancer and her enthusiasm is what made this a success. Being the bride, it was one less thing I had to worry about because Mridul handled it all exceptionally well. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to make their Sangeet or Wedding dances memorable.

Rohit & Vishani
I was at a friend’s wedding and was asked to dance for the Sangeet. I hadn’t performed on stage since I was a lot younger so I was very nervous. Mridul made it so the steps were easy to learn and memorize. She first tries to understand your body and then choreographs the dance according to what works best with your body type/skill level. Her dance breakdown was very easy to follow. She’s really invested. She wants every dance to be perfect and she’ll work with you the whole way. Honestly it should have been stressful because we had less than a few hours for the dance to be choreographed, practiced and memorized but we ended up having so much fun! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to get a dance performance done, I wish we had found Mridul much earlier than the last day!
I had promised my best friend I would perform a dance at his Sangeeth – the only problem was I had no song or dance steps and only 2 weeks! Mridul came to the rescue by picking a song and choreographing the dance for me and my dance group (all beginners). The second challenge was that all of us were in difference cities in the US and would have only 2 days to practice together. Mridul recorded few short videos, with catchy dance move names, to help all of us learn the dance steps and also get an idea of where we would be on the stage. Despite the time crunch the whole experience was a lot of fun, made the wedding very memorable and I ended up making a new friend! I recommend Mridul/WDD to others in my situation as she is a great teacher who can relate to dancers of all skill levels and can choreograph for songs of different genres.
My best friend was getting married in India and while thinking of what to do for his wedding, I realized I had to do the one thing that I detested – getting on the dance floor. Me and my other friends in Canada and Boston talked it over and we thought it was a good idea. It can’t be that hard to choreograph our own moves and just do them.

Somewhere in the middle of me attempting to be the girl in the dance and us switching songs for the 10th time because we still couldn’t get anything to work well, we realized we needed help and we needed it quick because the wedding was 2 weeks away. We contacted Mridul and she immediately jumped on the idea telling us that she’d have a dance video ready for us the next morning.

True to her promise, the next morning we got 2 videos from her – one a quick version of the entire dance, how it would finally look like and another which was a step-by-step breakdown of the different moves broken into 2 separate videos where she went really detailed into the steps. A little bit of back and forth and small changes to the steps – all of which Mridul was very receptive to, and we were ready to go. Also important to note that she was very open to any suggestions from us and it felt great to be able to make small modifications to the steps and she would redo the video with the new steps to show us newer versions whenever we made suggestions.

We practiced her steps for a few days ourselves and we were ready to perform! On the day of the Sangeet, I was surprised how well coordinated we all ended up being even though we had never practiced together. Mridul’s breakdown of the dance moves were perfect since they took into account having room for other dancers and also individual steps for individual dancers. I highly recommend Mridul and any WDD crew to anyone who needs to have their wedding dances choreographed – she is an amazing teacher and you will come out of it with some great memories and experiences!

Mridul had gathered information from me (bride) of all the people that showed interested in performing. She then reached out to verify details and confirm who will perform then made a choreography video to distribute to different people, depending on which dances they will perform.

This is a very unique situation and the solution was great, because the couples friends do not know each other well. Mridul was able to gather people from both friend circles, as well as some family members and have them dance together. The instructions, and videos were clear and simple. It was up to the dancers to utilize the time and practice well. My situation was a bit more difficult since many of the dancers did not know each other at all – but ultimately we still had a wonderful performance at the wedding with people from Texas, Boston, California, New York and New Jersey!

I think it was a great experience to gather friends and relatives who may not be close or live in the same vicinity, but are interested in performing a dance for the bride and groom. It’s harder out of college to find time and people to practice with consistently, so this allows them to bridge the gap and still perform. I would definitely recommend this to others who want a very fun, diverse, and energetic wedding! Mridul can customize songs and dances to suit everyone’s needs and is very receptive of feedback, requests, recommendations and concerns.

Luna & Fahad