Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a custom package?

While our current packages consist of the most popular ways to group our services, we understand that everyone’s situation is unique. We’re willing to work with you to create a custom set of services that work for all of us.

Do I have to stick with Bollywood songs?

No! Of course not! Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marwadi, Tamil, Punjabi, even Spanish (think Salsa!) are possibilities! As long as you like the songs, we’ll find a way to choreograph to it.

Do you do in-person classes (before the wedding)?

For the 3 Carat Package, we come to the wedding a couple days prior to personally ensure that the choreography is spot on.

Anything else, it will depend on the situation as it isn’t the norm.

However, we’ll do whatever is best for the performance!

Do you only do weddings?

No. We MOSTLY do weddings, and therefore our services are catered towards that. However, we also do any celebration or event! We will help out with Sweet 16s, Graduation parties, Anniversaries, Baby showers, or any other event that you want your friends and family to come together and perform to share in your joy.

Does everyone need access to a computer?

Preferably, yes. However, a mobile device that has internet access will work too. As long as you can download videos and video conference on the device, we’ll be good.

How can I be confident that they won’t be a jumbled mess once we actually meet up for the wedding?

Great question! Depending on the package you choose, we can check up with each of the dancers periodically to assure that they have the motivation and the help they need to practice and learn the choreography. With practice, comes confidence, and confident people have less of chance to jumble up on the day off.

How much is this going to cost me?

There are no set prices since our packages are SO customizable. We know, this isn’t the answer you wanted! Don’t worry! We offer a free one-hour consultation to discuss each package and service and how we can make it fit the best for you. After that, we’ll get you a quote!

How much time commitment is required per person?

This is the beauty of WDD. It depends on what each person is able to give. We initially contact each dancer asking for how much time they are able to provide to the dance, and cater their steps to them. Everything is personalized to each dancer, so no one will ever feel that they have bitten off more than they can chew.

How much time do you need before the wedding?

As much or as little as you can give us. We find it best if you contact us 90 days before the wedding so that it gives us time to mix the music, create choreography and give your dancers enough of time to learn.

What are the technological requirements?

At the very least, we need dancers to have access to internet for about 2 hours (allowing for communication and dance instruction).

What if my guests are in different time zones?

Don’t worry about it. We coordinate with everyone at a time that is convenient for THEM. No matter what time it is for us.